A Straightforward Approach
The Retirement Plan Services Group provide a simplified approach to meeting your retirement needs. We understand investing and retirement planning is full of complexities and jargon. Our value is to help you cut the noise and create a roadmap to achieving your goals. We work with you from the younger years of accumulation through the grand years of retirement, guiding you through each step. We focus on plan design and implementation of 401k, defined benefit and cash balance plans, and fiduciary services. Our service extends to individual retirement planning as we help transition you from your working years to retirement. Whether you are a business owner in need of a 401k plan or an individual planning for retirement, we can help.
Your Business. Integrated.
As a business owner we understand the importance of mitigating risk, maximizing time and money, and creating a positive experience that will lead to happy and productive employees. The result of our process is to integrate your retirement and benefit plan with your business so it becomes a complement. We focus on four areas and provide easy to understand analysis and implementation ideas.

1. Minimize Taxes and Maximize Savings
We will provide you a Min-Max Report. After careful analysis of your needs we will provide you a simple side-by-side comparison of your existing plan with the most optimal plan for tax and retirement savings. If you don’t have a plan in place our report will narrow down the options to what matters most to you.

2. Stay Informed
Our Risk Review Analysis will provide you a simple summary of the ERISA requirements you must be doing to be compliant. Our analysis will tell you if you are current and in good standing or what you need to get compliant.

3. Happy Employees = Productive Employees
Your Integrated Blueprint is where your plan comes to life. Each of your resources will have a specific purpose and a specific investment strategy. You will know what you own and why you own it. Your blueprint does not remain static. It will be continuously reviewed and refined to stay relevant as your life evolves.

4. Build The Right Team
We believe the right people make the difference in the execution and success of your plan. We will work with your current service provider or help you select the best service providers for your plan. We also educate you to ensure you understand the role they play on your team.

Your Life. Integrated.
For individuals planning for retirement we provide comprehensive financial planning services. Our process is focused on your entire life picture and our planning evolves as your life unfolds. We believe our role is to help you be financially healthy. We focus on your goals and implement sound investment strategies but we also concentrate on budgeting, reducing debt, and growing your net worth through both sides of your balance sheet. Our experience has taught us the most successful retirements are built on these elements so our initial and ongoing reviews will be focused on simplified checklists to keep you on track.