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Brenda Wallace
Executive Client Service Associate
Brenda Wallace
Brenda Wallace
Brenda Wallace
Brenda Wallace
Brenda Wallace
Brenda Wallace
Palm Desert
Toll Free
866.888.6563 x221

What are 3 words people use to describe you?
Strong. Vivacious. Dedicated.   

What are you most grateful for?
Wonderful and supportive family and friends, my health and positivity on life in general.  and a good head on my shoulders.

What gets you excited about life?

Exploring all life has to offer, gaining as much knowledge and wisdom along the the way while enjoying the journey.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Don't take your eye off the ball. Choose The Right.

How do you define success?  

Doing my best, helping people and leaving a little peace and happiness along the way.

What is your proudest achievement?
I still hold the record in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the fastest 25 meter freestyle swim in the 8 and under age category!

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?
Is there a life lesson that is not learned the hard way?

What was the best book you’ve read and why?
The Outliers by Malcolm Galdwell. Fascinating study on how people pay too much attention to what successful people are like "on the outside" and not enough attention to what makes them successful because of who they are on the inside.

What does Your Life Integrated mean to you?
That all facets of my life are in harmony.

Brenda Wallace joined Integrated Wealth Management in April 2014 as an Executive Client Service Associate. In her role, Brenda provides client service support for the Cypress Group. Brenda is responsible for a variety of client service tasks including case management of all accounts, and ongoing account maintenance. She also focuses on relationship management, coordinating the team marketing events, and prospective client onboarding.

Brenda began her career in the financial services industry in 2000 and is experienced in all aspects of client service management. Before joining the Cypress Group, Brenda worked for Marriott Vacation Club International in sales and marketing. Within the financial industry, she worked in Private Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley in the Century City, Los Angeles office and in Private Equity/Capital Markets and Investor Relations with Ares Management LLC. Brenda received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Political Science from Brigham Young University. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, cooking, biking, and the movies.

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