About the Cypress Group

Our Journey
The Cypress Group began working together in 2002 early in their careers at Merrill Lynch. Having helped clients manage their finances through the turbulent financial markets following the tech bubble, we came together with a common interest in helping our clients protect their capital and live comfortably.

In 2008, with the security of our clients’ assets in mind, we made the decision to move our team to Morgan Stanley. While at Morgan Stanley we were fortunate to experience tremendous growth, further our clients’ goals, and develop a strong presence nationally.

By 2014, having developed a practice serving high net worth families, business owners and foundations, we came to the conclusion that in order to provide the best client experience we needed to be independent of the wirehouse/brokerage world.  Being independent allows us to manage our clients’  financial affairs with complete transparency and a fiduciary standard to provide the highest level of care.

Expertise with Process
Today, we are uniquely positioned to best serve our clients’ needs and the needs of future generations that follow. Our team approach allows us to provide the necessary level of expertise to manage our clients’ wealth the way they need and deserve. Our 11-person team is comprised of seven advisors with two Certified Financial Planner’s, four Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor’s, a dedicated portfolio manager, and advisors focused on serving specific client objectives. Our experience and expertise has been the foundation for our client service process The Second Growth and client Standard of Care.